First Update of the New

So after having a look at all my web properties past and present I thought it was time to give a simplified makeover. This goes hand-in-hand of course with a desire to begin posting again about my general hobbies, mainly gaming, as I mentally gear-up for a return to Canada this year after being abroad for some time.

Honestly, I accidentally irreparably deleted the database that contained all the posts going back for the past 5 or so years. I have an old backup, and my host would restore everything for a price, but neither of these are the path I chose. I was not looking forward to having to re-format all those old posts anyway: the previous WP theme used some shortcodes and I was not keen to hack my way through them.

It’s funny, because at one point in the late 90’s I actually ran off my own homegrown lightweight CMS system written in PHP, but have gradually migrated from that to Moveable Type to WordPress and now finally to a Managed Hosting solution. As my time becomes more precious I want to spend less of it worrying about database backups and staging servers and more about just writing or playing or whatever else is actually enjoyable.

If you are looking for that old content, I’m sorry but whatever links brought you here are likely to remain dead going forward. I will probably dig back in to Arduino, but most of the Miniature Painting content is set to remain in the past.

So as I look forward to moving back to Toronto, I also look forward to a new sense of purpose for

404 – You can’t get there from here

Just a quick note: After a catastrophic failure I have decided not to re-enter or re-build the content previously available. This means a lot of content about Miniature Terrain, Subbuteo, Arduino, and basically whatever brought you here if it was posted before today, will no longer be available.

Hopefully there’s a google cache of the content for you, or you can try As of this point however, is only looking forward.