May Project List

List of projects I’m currently working on or thinking about as of May 2018:

  • Empires in Arms Redux – Not much progress in April. This project is a bit on the back-burner at the moment as Id rather focus on playing games and thinking about other things. It was probably too ambitious an idea for right now anyway.
  • Mal Reynolds Cosplay – Not much progress in April. Its actually out on the table, now I just need to start on it. Im also considering purchasing some of the remaining clothing so I can get this done.
  • Facebook Chat Adventure – Due to the recent Facebook violations, Chatfuel has some issues and Im kind of waiting for them figure that out before proceeding. Also I recently got back in to Dungeons and Dragons and am thinking about an adventure in that sphere instead.
  • Stream More – Streamed 0 times in April. Not really on the agenda this month
  • Play Dungeons & Dragons – I did actually make it out for a live game last week, I had to sit at the kids table but it was a fun time. Not sure I can keep up anything regular here but I really enjoy it. Pillars of the Earth II launches tomorrow and that might fill the void.
  • Rockets! – We did manage to punch out and sand the fins. I have marked the fuselage, Next step is to attach the fins to the rocket. Need to finish this so we can have a lunch by end of May/Early June.
  • Normandy ’44 – Managed to have a good game of this although of course we got a lot of the rules wrong. Currently re-reading the rules in anticipation of having another go at it. I am also considering working on something with Vassal to post online.
  • Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 – No update: I’m currently on May (I think). I would like to work through at least 2 more months of plague fighting this calendar month.

So not a lot of progress in April, hoping I can have more to report in June.