April Project List

List of projects I’m currently working on or thinking about as of April 2018:

  • Empires in Arms Redux – Taking the essence of Empires in Arms, and modernizing it to a single day 2hr + 1hr/person timeframe while keeping the core experience intact. I’m looking at Hannibal vs Carthage and Friedrich/Maria as general inspiration and frameworking but the core turn order of Empires. I think the hardest challenge will be simplifying the combat procedures while maintaining the spirit. Okay that and the Economic engine, which I’m thinking will need to be abstracted down to a much simpler form. I’m personally less interested in that side of things and I think it is one of the core elements of that era of design best forgotten. For now I’m taking the original map and trying to convert it to something closer to a point-to-point system.
  • Mal Reynolds Cosplay – Time to actually bit the bullet so-to-speak and actually start working on the sidearm. It has been assembled for some time but I’ve been too gun-shy to actually start sanding and painting. This is the part where I could really mess it up.
  • Facebook Chat Adventure – Using Chatfuel and Figma I am attempting to recreate a Choose Your Own Adventure / Storybook Adventure / M.U.D. I need to make progress on the overall structure of the thing before I can dive-in and start writing dialog. So first step is work out the overall story, followed closely by figuring out how to document the whole thing.
  • Stream More – I have everything I need to stream to Twitch.tv but I just don’t do it that much. I should try and do this once a week at least. Why? Because if I do get any kind of audience it’s proven to be much more enjoyable to game.
  • Play Dungeons & Dragons – I had a blast at BreakoutCon playing D&D 5E and would like to get back in to it semi-regularly. I’m looking at Online options right now, maybe this is my Streaming ticket?
  • Rockets! – After having a fit of nostalgia spurred-on by who-knows-what, I have purchased a Rocketry Kit to work on with my daughters. I think it will be really exciting for them to build and launch a rocket. That’s my hope anyway, this stems from a Grade 7 field trip where launching rockets was our science project. Obviously my kids are much younger but I think launching something in to ‘space’ should be exciting at any age. My twist is that I have also purchased a micro-altimeter so we can track speed and peak height. Should be exiciting! Building this month hoping to launch in May.
  • Normandy ’44 – Need to read the rules and probably make notes, I’m playing at a small ‘Grognard’ convention on the 21st. System looks really interesting and I don’t do enough strictly wargaming
  • Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 – I’m currently on May (I think). I would like to work through at least 2 more months of plague fighting this calendar month.

Obviously too much to do and not enough time to do it, but better to have lots of plans than none.

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