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Career Day: User Experience Designer

I had the pleasure of offering my time for Career Day at my daughters school this past Spring, and I thought I would share some of that. Originally I had talked about it on my (very briefly live) podcast, but since that is gone from everywhere save SoundCloud, I thought I should talk about it briefly here.

So, ‘Career Day’ at the American Community School of Abu Dhabi is a very well-run affair. When I showed up I was ushered to a lounge in the library with drinks and catered food while I awaited my first of two sessions. I was taken to my ‘room’ by a volunteer who knew exactly where I was going, and helped my set everything up. I had a – I think it was 30 minutes – session in period 1 and 3. Both sessions were full with 20 students each, from the High School.

My plan was to give a general overview of the field of User Experience, as well as my specific role, with some historical context. Then I went in to other possible roles and how might someone in High School aim to end up in the field of UX. From what I remember, the kids were pretty interested in what I was talking about, although of course not all. I had some interesting questions at the end of each session, mostly around what does a good day/bad day look like; what did I like most/least about my career. These are kids not looking to enter the workforce anytime soon, but rather looking at how to sculpt the remainder of their education to have a start at a career.

I don;t think I managed to create any future User Experience Designers, but hopefully at least gave some the idea that there are interesting and engaging careers out there in their future. At least that’s what I was trying to get across.

You can still listen to my original ( and last ) podcast about the subject on SoundCloud:

I have also included the original slide presentation I gave below:


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