Career Day

Career Day: User Experience Designer

I had the pleasure of offering my time for Career Day at my daughters school this past Spring, and I thought I would share some of that. Originally I had talked about it on my (very briefly live) podcast, but since that is gone from everywhere save SoundCloud, I thought I should talk about it briefly here.

So, ‘Career Day’ at the American Community School of Abu Dhabi is a very well-run affair. When I showed up I was ushered to a lounge in the library with drinks and catered food while I awaited my first of two sessions. I was taken to my ‘room’ by a volunteer who knew exactly where I was going, and helped my set everything up. I had a – I think it was 30 minutes – session in period 1 and 3. Both sessions were full with 20 students each, from the High School.
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